Resonance is easier than caring

If this isn’t your first visit here, you might have noticed I changed my blog’s title from “Writing for Resonance” to “Just Writing.” The subtitle has changed, too.

I changed the title, because the more I thought about it,  it sounded pretentious and empty.

Because resonance isn’t enough. If you’ve been alive and around people long enough, you find out that the world is full of people whose words might resonate with you–but who won’t care about you unless you have something they want (money, access to someone important to them, etc.).

Real connections are mutual. And they’re about real people and real needs–not things one can get out of the other.

Resonance and free stuff might bring in lots of people eager to sign up for the weekly newsletter or for a free download of a sample of your latest sci-fi bodice-ripping apocalyptic thriller (or maybe just an e-book on your latest amigurumi creations. Love those things!).

But sooner or later, the free stuff runs out, and if your readers get a sense that you really don’t care about them as human beings, they’ll move on. Eventually, when they try to reach out to you, and they find out you care more about your words and getting them out (and hopefully monetizing them) than about their well-being, they’ll walk away. Or, in marketer lingo, they’ll “bounce”–right out of your blog, in search of words that have caring hearts behind them.

At least, that’s what I’d do.

That doesn’t mean I’ll never read another book from an author who hasn’t taken time out to answer an e-mail or tweet with a caring or at least appreciative message.

When it comes to blogs, though, I’m more likely to keep following those run by people who show their appreciation for their readers. Or blogs with articles that I find genuinely helpful–and not just entertaining.

The changes going on in this blog show that it, like me, is a work in progress. I hope to write things that help my readers in some way. I would rather help a few than merely entertain thousands. Because, ultimately, friends are better than fans.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Let me know what you think. And have a blessed week–one day at a time.


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