Writing and the Cycle

I’ve come to realize that at a certain time of the month, I can only vent furiously in my writing.

Editing — the kind that’s supposed to turn my feverish brain dump into something coherent and possibly even worth reading — is like swimming up a waterfall.

I started writing a post about all the tweets I ran across on #1LineWed on Twitter that described the texture of the brick wall or tree trunk that some shirtless, self-enamored asshole was throwing a woman up against before kissing her.

Throwing. That’s the word that was used. And not a single one of the female characters said, “Ow!!”

I noticed this, because that’s the first word that came to mind when I read these descriptions.

And, yes, I know I’m probably taking the word “throw” too literally. But . . . how am I supposed to read these descriptions and think, “He gingerly placed her next to the moderately rough surface and gently leaned in for a kiss.”

I can’t do it. I read these, and I think, “Throw me against a brick wall or a tree trunk, and the only thing you’ll be kissing is the ground!”

So, forget it. I’m done. I’m taking a mental health day. Or week. I’ll write again when I’ve regained my ability to laugh about all this. And to edit.

Have a good weekend, my wonderful readers! Take care, and stay warm.






6 thoughts on “Writing and the Cycle

    1. No kidding, right?! It makes me queasy enough to see a book cover with a shirtless underwear model standing over a woman who looks ready to succomb to his manly charms. Because she must. Of course, she will. Because she really wants him, even if she pretends not to. All he has to do is throw her up against a brick wall or a tree trunk, and she gets swept up in the moment . . . blah, blah, blah. Honestly, it sounds toxic. The woman should taze him or give him a face full of pepper spray or just go all Krav Maga on his a$$. Enough of this “Oooh, I like it rough!” garbage. Being strong women doesn’t mean we have to like it rough. It does mean we tend to prefer strong (of character) men. And men of that sort don’t treat women like toys. Enough of my soapbox, though. Thanks for commenting, and I hope you’re having a good and restful weekend!! 🙂

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  1. Yes! Thank you!! I feel vindicated. 🙂 I wrote such a long-winded blog post about this, and then realized — as I read some of it over — that I’d gone a bit overboard with the ranting. I don’t know how many women even want to acknowledge the differences in their approach to writing and editing at certain times of the month. I think we can acknowledge it without fear of sounding weak or easily compromised by devious hormones, because if we work with those differences and make the most of them, we can increase and improve our creative output. For the next five days, I’m focusing on free-writing and brainstorming. Plenty of storm going on inside, anyway. Might as well put it to work. I’ll step off my soapbox, now. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment and brighten my day, and have a great weekend!! 🙂

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