Zombie Mice?

Eat some peanuts, they said. It's brain food, they said... Brain...food... Mmmm (1)

Bear with me.

My bronchitis has mutated to pneumonia, so I’m gonna keep this one short.

I just had to share a little something I heard earlier this week at my lunch lady job. I love my lunch lady job. Mostly I love the people I work with. They make the job fun.

Anyway, one of my co-workers was talking about a weekend trip she and her husband took to their vacation house up north, and they were checking out the barn when both noticed the stench of decay.

When they looked for the reason, they noticed something had eaten most of the mice that had been caught in the mousetraps. So, my co-worker was understandably nervous, thinking, “Rats? Please don’t be rats.”

But when she told someone about their discovery, she was told that mice have been known to eat the remains of other mice. They’re cannibals.

So, what do I do but sort of blurt out, “That’s probably where the zombie virus will come from.”

I wasn’t totally serious. But she smiled and said, “Ah, so you’re one of those zombie people.”

I’m really not. I mean I watch some zombie shows, and I’ve read some novels with zombies in them, but I’m not a zombie fan-girl. If there is such a thing.

(Is there such a thing?)

But still I was listening to this explanation and thinking, “Ew. Zombie mice.”

Now, I do realize that a tendency to cannibalism doesn’t make a creature a zombie. They also have to be dead. Or mostly dead. Or dead with a side of not-dead.

I’m no expert.

Any thoughts from you on this?

(Other than “Go back to bed and don’t write another blog post until you’re pneumonia-free and your brain has had enough sleep”)


‘Night all.


5 thoughts on “Zombie Mice?

  1. Oh my. If mice were a vector for the zombie virus, what are the chances they would only be able to pass it on to humans? The thought of all mammals possibly being susceptible is very daunting (though insects as the vector would be worse). Mice and other small mammals can get just about anywhere.

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    1. Yikes. I hadn’t even thought about them infecting other animals (both larger and smaller), and I don’t think I even want my mind to go there. I just imagined some evil scientist capitalizing on the cannibalistic tendencies of some animals in the creation of a so-called zombie virus to use in some twisted scheme for world-domination.
      I don’t know why anyone would want to risk an infection that could so easily grow far beyond his control, though, unless he assumed he had reliable safeguards in place. Even then, would a genius — even an evil one — take such a risk? Chances are, a devastating world war is more likely, but playing with these crazy ideas keeps is one way to keep my mushy mind entertained while I’m trying to kick this stupid pnueumonia. Thanks for commenting, and have a great weekend! 🙂


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