A Dishwasher’s Ode to Mac ‘n’ Cheese

This short poem might find its way into my yet-to-be-written series, The Secret Life of a Lunch Lady.  It came to me during my shift today, where I worked in the dish room — rinsing hundreds of lunch trays, many of which were coated with cheese sauce. For those of you who’ve ever worked in a school dish room, cheese sauce is worse than ranch dressing and mashed potatoes.

I’m not used to feeling animosity toward Mac ‘n’ Cheese. Hence the poem. I was going for a mixture of forlorn and ridiculous. Let me know if I nailed it.

A Dishwasher’s Ode to Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Oh, Mac ‘n’ Cheese . . .

I’ve been so good to you.

I buy you even when you’re not on sale.

I add only the *finest hot dogs.


Why, Mac ‘n’ Cheese?!

<Thank you>


That’s all I’ve got.

This is probably where you tell me it’s good I have a day job. 😉

*Update: I changed the hot dog line to turn “best” into “finest.” It just felt right. Any thoughts?



5 thoughts on “A Dishwasher’s Ode to Mac ‘n’ Cheese

    1. It is!! Especially with hot dogs. 🙂 I’ll prob’ly be making some tomorrow. It’s awfully stubborn when you’re trying to rinse it off plastic trays, though. The occasional wad of chewed gum is (usually) easier to remove (but way nastier!). Have a great weekend!!! 🙂

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