About this blog

The first domain name I chose for this blog was CreamyLiquidFatBlog.com. If you really want to know why, ask me by leaving a comment below, and I’ll explain.

When I changed my domain name to WriteItAnyway.com, I knew I had to change this page.

I’ve copy-written two Master’s capstone papers and proofread a book. I was paid in cash for one of the capstone papers. The proofreading was part of a collaborative effort for an author whose work I’ve enjoyed reading. The other capstone I edited for my husband, who paid me in beer. He gets me.

Given the writer’s permission, I’ll often rewrite a sentence (retaining a copy of the original in case the writer doesn’t like my rewritten sentence) to make it flow more smoothly. I’ve even rewritten entire paragraphs, added sentences to bridge disparate thoughts in an existing paragraph, and rearranged paragraphs to improve the flow of the whole paper.

I don’t do in-depth developmental editing for novels or nonfiction books. I would be happy, though, to give you an honest reader’s appraisal of your work.

My hat’s off to those who have experience as developmental editors and who do it well. I do what I can, and I do it well, but I have my limits. If you’re looking for a copy-editor, I’d love to work with you. If you need someone to help you do some in-depth restructuring of your novel or nonfiction book, I’d rather point you in the direction of someone more qualified to do that.

I look forward to working with you. While I can’t afford to work for free, I don’t want to charge so much that students and writers who – like me – can’t afford professional rates can’t afford the help they need to make their work shine.

So, if you need some help with your writing, please check out my “How can I help?” page and contact me so we can negotiate a rate that suits us both.

My goal as a freelance writer and writer-helper is to earn enough to make it possible for my husband to also pursue something he loves, without having to worry about money. If I’m intent on earning money by doing what I love, I believe it’s my duty to do everything I can to help my husband to do the same.

If you knew him and all that he’s done over the years for his family, you’d agree with me. It’s time. For both of us.









4 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. More editors should think like you do. I love that you actually put your customers first, and don’t just say you do. I work in a university library and a lot of students ask us to edit their work – which isn’t a service we offer. Most of them haven’t even considered hiring a professional editor (I certainly never did) and the ones that have can’t afford to.


    1. My two most recent customers are college grad students, and cost was definitely an issue, though they both had jobs and were better able to afford editing than I ever was as a college student. I remember how little disposable income I had as an undergrad, and reading a lot of “Because I’m worth it” articles by editors charging professional rates got my dander up, because I read it from the perspective of someone who can’t afford those rates (because I still can’t. I’m not really sure how I’ll pay for editing and cover-design when I’m done with either my novel or my first non-fiction book, but I’m taking it one day at a time, because otherwise I’ll just worry and psych myself out), and I didn’t like how they made me feel as though they saw me as a cheapskate or a freeloader because I couldn’t pay the rates they charged.
      I need to find a way to better reach the students who need but can’t afford editing (at professional rates or really for more than $5 or less). I don’t want them to just have to do without when editing could mean the difference between an A and a C on one of their academic papers. My husband has an editor
      for a wife, so he paid me with Guinness (he gets me 😉 ) when I edited his capstone paper for his Master’s degree.
      Thanks so much for commenting!! Your words have brightened my morning (I’m off to work soon for my lunch lady job, where I get ideas for my _The Secret Life of a Lunch Lady_ cozy mystery series; plus, my coworkers are the best!), and I hope you have a wonderful day and a great weekend!!! 🙂


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