How can I help?


Hello! And thanks for checking out my “How can I help?” page. I hope you’ll stick around and explore my blog long enough to get a feel for my writing and whether it suits your purposes. If you have any helpful advice, I’d love it if you’d leave me a comment. Or go ahead and e-mail me at

Services I can provide:

  1. Writing & ghost-writing
    1. blog posts
    2. articles
    3. ebooks
    4. letters and e-letters
  2. Copy-editing
  3. Beta-reading and critique (generally free unless you need it done quickly) – fiction and nonfiction


For most small to moderate proofreading / editing jobs, I can offer the following services:

a complete and thorough scan for typos and misused words

  • sentence-level editing (run-ons, awkward phrasing, accuracy, etc.)
  • paragraph-level editing to check for cohesiveness in each paragraph and flow between paragraphs, as well as to check the effectiveness of the introductory and concluding paragraphs
  • With fiction (short stories), I do all of the above and, if you ask, I’ll be happy to provide a constructive assessment of your work, though if you want someone to do a deep analysis of your story, you’ll want a developmental editor. I can steer you in the direction of some well-established professionals in this area.

My ball-park rate for copy-editing is a penny per word, so if I were to copy-edit an article of 1,000 words for you, the cost would be $10.

If smaller projects of 5,000 words or fewer take well over two hours to edit and proofread – which would depend on just how much work is needed to correct mistakes and to make the paper clearer and more cohesive – I will let you know. I don’t want you to have to sit and wonder whether you’ll get your work back in time. 

Turn-around times vary, depending on whether your work needs basic proofreading, or light to moderate to heavy copy-editing.

I’ve turned around simple proofreading projects of a little over 20,000 words in two days, and I’ve copy-edited academic papers in one to two hours, depending on the length. Let me know what you need and when you need it done.

I’d be happy to also talk to you about the project as a whole, and to address any structural weaknesses, but if you really need an-depth analysis of a large writing project (a novel, a non-fiction book, a master’s or doctoral thesis, etc.), I want to make sure you receive the help you need.

So, if you need developmental editing for your project, which includes a deep analysis of structure and important elements of a story, such as character development, plot, voice, tone, and themes, and you’d prefer to work with someone who can do anything your work might need – from simple proofreading to in-depth developmental editing, as well as other publishing services (cover design, book and author marketing, etc.) – I can recommend an editing service such as Star Services or other professionals whom I’ve had the pleasure to work with and whose work I can personally vouch for.

If you’d prefer to get the basics out of the way with me, I’m ready and excited to help! Then, if you need developmental editing or help with cover design, etc. for your new book, I won’t be in the least offended if you ask me to point you in the direction of experienced professionals in those areas.

In fact, I would be honored to help connect you with those who have the experience and expertise to prepare your book for publication and give it its best chance of success.


You can contact me most easily by e-mailing me at

If you’d rather work with someone you can talk to over the phone at least once, let me know in an e-mail, and I’ll gladly send you my phone number.

I look forward to hearing from you!



2 thoughts on “How can I help?

  1. Yours is the first time I’ve read such an honest, affordable approach. As soon as I get my own domestic responsibilities out of the way today, I’ll be emailing you to discuss a potential proofreading partnership. So glad I found you on the web!


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